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Best flat and Villa builders in Kerala

We are providing below a list of top builders of new flats and villas in Kerala. These are the best Kerala builders of apartments and flats and the people to contact if and when you are ready to buy a new flat in Kerala. These are the most reliable builders of flats and villas in Kerala having delivered many building projects in Kerala on time and with high quality finishes.

Best villa projects in Kerala

We have a list below of the best villa projects in Kerala. These are all luxury villa projects in Kerala with 24x7 security and amenities like swimming pool, Gym, Children's play area, community hall, etc. Some of the villa projects listed below are the most expensive villa projects in Kerala with prices of about Rs. 1.5 crores, while others are more affordable villa projects in Kerala with prices below Rs. 1 crore.

Each of the Kerala Villa projects below is a clickable link and will take you directly to the website of the Kerala builder building the luxury villa project.

New luxury villa projects in Kozhikode / Calicut

List of top builders in Kerala, best flat construction companies in Kerala

Below is a list of leading Kerala builders of flats and apartments who are considered to be the top flat construction companies in Kerala. Each of the Kerala builders name in the below list is a clickable link and will take you to the website of that leading Kerala Builder with details of all their ongoing and future building projects in Kerala.

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